How can you get Google to like your website? What does Google really look at and care about? Both of these questions important if you want to improve your search presence, get better rankings and drive both high quality and relevant traffic to your website or business.

Google’s Job

Google’s job is to help it’s users find what they’re looking for as quickly and as easily as possible. When you search for any term, the first results are the solutions Google has determined to be the most likely to give the searcher what they’re looking for. The result has to be relevant and helpful.

What does Google look at on our website to understand what we offer?

Google crawls (or visits) a ridiculous number of websites and collects data that allows it to compare it to other websites and decide if it should appear at all and where and when it will appear in the search results.

One thing you should understand is that Google is essentially a robot. It doesn’t look at websites the same way a person does. One good example of this is that where we may see a picture of a someone throwing a paper plane, Google sees the pixels, the image dimensions, the image’s filename, the alt-tag text and other meta-data. Sometimes it helps to remember this concept when thinking about Google.

What Google Really Cares About

There are a few main areas that Google really pays attention to:


What is your website relevant to? What is the website’s name, what does the content talk about, what are the picture of, what are it’s pages about. Relevance is the way Google can tell the difference between a dentist’s website and an apple pie recipe.

User Experience

How easy is a website to use? This is becoming more and more important with the shift of desktop computer use over to mobile use with more people now using Google from a mobile phone or tablet than a laptop or computer. Is your website mobile-friendly? How long does your website take to load? Is your website secure? Does your website’s information or content serve and help people when they land on it?

What Does This Include?

Here are some of the things Google looks at to help it determine who shows up where in it’s search engine:

  • Page Titles
  • Page Descriptions
  • Domain Name
  • Page URLs
  • Page Headings
  • Page Content (Including Images)
  • Directory Listings Linking To Your Site
  • Social Media Pages Linking Back To Your Site
  • Other Websites and Blogs That Link Back To Your Website
  • Bounce Rate
  • TLD
  • Schema
  • Anchor Text
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Inner page linking
  • Content Size
  • and 200 other factors……

Yep, there’s some of them, but Google has announced it uses well over 200 different factors to determine where your site should show up.So what can you do? I highly recommend hiring an expert, purely because if you mess some of these things up, you can actually hurt your search presence instead of helping it! That being said there are lots of online resources that show you the basic SEO ropes, and as long as you align your methods with what Google wants as mentioned above you will be able to make some progress. Also, it’s important that you don’t try to game of force Google’s system. That is a right way to smack bottom.

Rapping Up

Keep in mind SEO takes time to come into affect so work your way through the list of factors above making sure you are being relevant in a natural way. Get your business or brand in relevant directories and build your social media strategy up. You can learn most of this information for free if you have the time to Google and learn about each part. Alternatively speak with an expert and get their professional help. Either way I wish you and your website good luck and good rankings!