Your website might be exquisitely designed with the right content and amazing templates, but if it does not attract visitors, it is not living up to its expectation. It may be time to hire an SEO professional and have them improve your search rankings on the popular search engines. SEO is a vital marketing technique that ensures your site appears to your potential customers when they search for the goods and services you offer. With the increased number of SEO experts in the field, it is evident that not all of them are good enough to handle your SEO campaign. Finding the best from the whole lot entails looking into some critical aspects that define these professionals. Here are the things to look at when hiring an SEO professional.


With the increased demand for SEO professional services, it is easy for someone to set up an SEO agency overnight and call themselves an expert. However, such people should be avoided as they do not have the understanding of how the search engines operate and they are just in for the money. Always have a preference for the SEO professionals with years of experience. Several small things build up the bigger scope of SEO, and they cannot be learned overnight.

A Clear Understanding Of The Three SEO Cores.

SEO is implemented in three stages which are research, on page optimization and off page optimization. The research stage deals with the completing in-depth research into the market, keywords, competition and the business’s goals. The on page deals with putting the right words in the right places on the website. Finally, the off page includes things such as link building which gives the website more authority in its industry and hence better visibility. A complete SEO campaign should be all rounded, and not one dimensional. In that accord, always ensure that the professional you are hiring understand all the three SEO tiers. Your website will not get good rankings if you work on one level and leave the other one hanging.

Track Record.

SEO is a practical thing, and you need to see the results before hiring any professional. Insist on professionals who have a good track record and have helped other websites get their desired rankings as promised. This information could be ascertained by contacting the previous clients served by the SEO company in question and hearing what they have to say. Look at their website, and see how it ranks. A good professional should walk the talk and not promise to help you get your site up to the first page while their website is languishing in the fifth page.

Adaptation To Your Company’s Values.

SEO experts do not work in isolation, and they have to interact with your IT, sales and customer service teams among others. It is important for you to analyse their values and see if they are in tandem with your company’s goals. If your values are different, working with the professional might be hard. A successful SEO campaign mainly relies on the successful interactions and work relationship between the professional and your workers.


A good SEO professional should have impressive communication skills. They should listen to you and capture your needs while asking for any clarifications where necessary. Communication is essential in building a healthy working relationship between your team and the professional. When hiring an SEO professional, ensure you look into the discussed aspects, and you will surely land a diligent expert.

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